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How Tatiana went from 120lbs to 155lbs with Apetamin Syrup

This article was originally published by one of our customers Tatiana she accomplished her goals using Apetamin Syrup to summarize:
1- Take 3000 – 3500 calories a day in six brunch
2- Exercise to prevent belly fat. You growth weight everywhere
3- Try to take in healthy foods. It is not always possible but makes a conscious effort.
4- Enjoy the read and feel free to leave comments with your reactions and/or questions!

Background Information How it all take Off
The year of 2016 was one of the roughest years for me. I was going through so many things at once (getting over a breakup/ moving to a new school /family issues/etc.), and this led me to be severely depressed for at least 7 months which arise in me losing about 20 lbs. I was too agitated to take or do anything, so I would isolate myself in my room every day for hours and go days without taking anything. Around that first month of 2017 is when it was brought to my consideration exactly how much weight I had lost. Everyone was telling me that I looked ill, but what officially inspired me was when I was in P.E and hopped on the scale to see that I dropped from being 130 to being 118. I was considered underweight for my height (5’9). And that’s when I decided to get my life together and rise back the weight that I lost.
How to rise weight
I developed a pretty good understanding of what I needed to do in order to growth weight as fast as possible. This applies to anyone who is trying to raise weight. You may be one of those young women that say “I take so much but I can’t seem to growth weight”. I was one of those young women too. Here’s the accord. It’s not about the quantity of what you take. It’s about how many brunch you take a day and the total amount of calories you consume in one day, and snacking on a hot pocket or bag of hot Cheetos every hour doesn’t count. If you were to track your calories (count your calories for everything you take in one day) you’d most likely be shocked at the amount you take per day.
Tracking Calories
When tracking my calories I realized that I really only take about 2000 calories per day. In order to growth weight you have to consume more calories than you burn a day. Here’s the best advice I can give in regards to knowing how many calories you should take a day to rise weight: tighten the online weight rise calculator. It is inaccurate!If you’re trying to put on weight fast, the magic number is 3000 calories (or 3500 if you’re bold). How do you take 3000 calories in one day? Easy…Kinda. You break it down into six 500 calorie brunches. What does this mean? It means that you take 6 brunches in one day, and that each of those brunch total up to 500 calories. You would just take off early at about no later than 11am to take your first meal. Then every two hours you take another 500 calorie meal until you get to 6 brunch. And by “meal” I don’t mean some hefty full course meal. I mean simple as two egg sandwiches. Here’s an example of how I did it:
1- 11am- First meal
2- 1pm- Meal
3- 3pm- Meal
4- 5pm-Meal
5- 7pm-Meal
6- 9pm-Last meal
Please don’t think this means you can go stuffing anything down your throat. No you don’t have to take 100% healthy because it’s difficult to growth weight fast with healthy food, but this doesn’t include taking chips (potato chips/hot Cheetos/Doritos/etc.) or sweets (cake/brownies/donuts/candy/etc.) and you definitely shouldn’t drink Soda, especially if you’re working out until your tour. If you take in super unhealthy foods like the ones I listed you will growth a part of fat in your stomach. Also taking things high in sugar crack the muscle-building process.
Top foods to take in until your tour:
 White bread (or just any type/form of bread)
 Bagels
 Pasta
 Oatmeal
 Potatoes (mashed potatoes/fries/etc.)
 Peanut butter
 Fast food/Chinese food (pizza/Philly cheese steak/burgers/etc)
 Microwaveable brunch white rice (or just any rice in general)
Apetamin Syrup?
Here was my headache. Because I had went through such a long period of barely taking, my body got used to me barely taking and I ended up having a very low appetite. So how the hell would I have the appetite to take a 500 calorie meal every 2 hours??? Now what I’m about to talk about doesn’t apply to you if you have a full appetite/have the appetite to take that much in one day. I recently had discovered a weight-growing syrup called Apetamin Syrup.
Apetite boost
Listen up though! It is not the syrup itself that makes you growth weight, all the syrup does is give you an appetite. It makes you great. And its 100% canonical. Doctors use it as a way to help anorexic young woman growth weight. After doing my own little research on the product and watching dozens of positive testimonies about it, I HAD to get it. I ordered one bottle of it and take off taking 5ml 3 times a day. The first day it made me so sleepy, but that’s the only side effect. It makes you sleepy the first one or 2 days. After that you’ll be fine. Since I was at school at the time, what I’d do is taking 5ml 3 times a day after school. And I’d wake up great early before school to take a huge breakfast. With taking Apetamin Syrup and following this “6 brunch a day” plan, I successfully raised 25 lbs. in ONE MONTH.
Magic in a Bottle
I was seeing results as little as one week. It’s honestly a miracle worker and I highly recommend it to anyone trying to rise weight. It makes your life simple. For that month I used up about 3 bottles. Each bottle was $17.99 plus $10 shipping (from trans maw foods). It was completely aid it. I recommend buying at least two or three bottles when you first purchase it, and the shipping will still be $10. One bottle lasts about a week and a half to two weeks from taking 5 ml 3 times a day. The 1st day you should only take 10ml since you’ll most likely be hella sleepy that day. Remember, it’s the calories that make you growth weight…not the Apetamin. You gotta take! Count those calories! take those 6 brunches a day!
Working out period my weight rise tour
I did workout period this tour. Why? Well first I want to point out that you can’t choose where the weight goes. I highly recommend doing leg/booty workouts because all those extra calories you’ll be taking period your tour are extremely beneficial for trying to build a gigantic booty/thicker thighs. I also recommend doing “ab workouts” and HIIT cardio to try to keep your stomach as small as possible. HIIT cardio is different from normal cardio. Its more fast-paced and usually lasts in between 10-20 mins. Ward off normal cardio AT ALL COSTS. Remember you are trying to growth weight, not lose it.
Huge Tummy Issues
You do growth everywhere. That’s the main thing you need to accept. I know its scary, but with consistent exercise, having a hefty tummy is preventable. Another way to avoid rising a hefty belly is to make sure your brunch consist of healthy foods. But let’s face it, it’s extremely hard (and expensive) to take 3000 calories aid of healthy food a day. It’s simple to get in those calories through junk food.If you’re going to the gym or doing leg/booty exercises from home until your tour, a part of the weight you growth will turn into muscle and your body will be so much more toned. If by the end of your tour you have stomach fat (which you most likely will if you’re taking anything and everything like I did) you can easily lose it through HIIT cardio and a clean diet. Here’s the headache. You can’t spot cut down fat. This means that you will lose a little everywhere else while trying to get rid of that unwanted belly fat IF you hadn’t been working out until your tour. If you don’t work out until your tour, most of that weight you increased will be fat and fat burns faster then muscle. If you do workout until your tour, a part of the weight will be muscle, and its 10000x harder to lose muscle than fat. So most likely you will be able to shed off that belly fat without losing all that thickness that you increased.

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Dosage Recommended:
The recommended dosage of Apertamin Vitamin Syrup is:
Adults: 10ml to be taken thrice daily, prior to lunch
Children within 7-14 years: 10ml to be taken 2-3 times, prior to breakfast
Children within 2-3 years: 5 ml to be taken 2-3 times daily before meal.
 Do not take without doctor’s prescription especially when pregnant
 Do not take with alcohol
 Do use the drug while operating on heavy machine

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