Codogesic (Codeine Phosphate) 15mg


  • Codogesic (Codeine Phosphate) 15 mg manages and treats mild to moderate pain.
  • It is a well-known analgesic medication.
  • Become pain free with the use of this drug.


About Codogesic (Codeine Phosphate) 15 Mg

Codogesic (Codeine Phosphate) 15 mg helps in the management and treatment of mild to moderate pain in people. It is popularly considered as an analgesic worldwide.

How to Use Codogesic (Codeine Phosphate) 15 Mg?

Before using Codogesic (Codeine Phosphate) 15 mg, do not forget to read medication book. This book is going to be a great support in ensuring proper medication. This is an oral medication taken with water.

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